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ceilingninja's Journal

3 June
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My wife and I's love story:

The Battle For The Lensflare

On a starship, seeingrightly kissed her lensflare. She had been busy with the lensflare for hours and now wanted nothing more than a timey-wimey cuddle or a lolzworthy massage from her lover ceilingninja.

She said this last thought out loud, and all of a sudden her funny ceilingninja appeared at the door, grinning secretly.

"Put down the lensflare," ceilingninja said sexily. "Unless you want me to kiss that lensflare on your nose."

seeingrightly put down the lensflare. She was awesomesauce. She had never seen ceilingninja so magical before and it made her shiny.

ceilingninja picked up the lensflare, then withdrew a jears from her face. "Don't be so awesomesauce," ceilingninja said with a magical grimace. "A Horta bit my pointy ear this morning, and everything became intense. Now with this lensflare and this jears I can sexily rule the world!"

seeingrightly clutched her sparkly pointy ear lovingly. This was her lover, her funny ceilingninja, now staring at her with a magical face.

"Fight it!" seeingrightly shouted. "The Horta just wants the lensflare for his own funny devices! He doesn't love you, not the timey-wimey way I do!"

seeingrightly could see ceilingninja trembling lovingly. seeingrightly reached out her nose and touched ceilingninja's face sexily. She was funny, so funny, but she knew only her sparkly love for ceilingninja would break the Horta's spell.

Sure enough, ceilingninja dropped the lensflare with a thunk. "Oh, seeingrightly," she squealed. "I'm so timey-wimey, can you ever forgive me?"

But seeingrightly had already moved on a starship. Like a beautiful Pon Farr ceremony that sent happy feelings to all the slashers, she pressed her nose into ceilingninja's face. And as they fell together in an intense fit of love, the lensflare lay on the floor, shiny and forgotten.